My collection of links to interesting web sites. This link list is not meant to be exhaustive. Instead the list contains the links that I use frequently or I find otherwise to be very interesting.

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Funny YouTube
"Broadcast yourself"-site currently owned by Google. Please, check out at least the following internet celebrities: Matt, Ronald Jenkees, Nora, OK Go, Juan Mann, David Elsewhere, Andy McKee, funtwo, Lasse Gjertsen, Noah, Daniel Chesterfield, and more...
10 May 2007
Funny Comedy Central - The Daily Show
One anchor, five correspondents, zero credibility. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - it's even better than being informed.
14 Feb 2007
Science Google Techtalks
14 Feb 2007
Science TED talks
Each year, TED (Technology Entertainment Design) hosts some of the world's most fascinating people: Trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses.
14 Feb 2007
Science Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins website, an online community discussing his work and related topics. Richard Dawkins is a British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science writer Dawkins is also an outspoken atheist, humanist, and sceptic.
14 Feb 2007
Movies Jackie Chan
14 Feb 2007
Science Gapminder
A lot of people are interested in the data, but do not get access to it (if they manage to access the data, they need to be advanced skilled statisticans to analyse it). Gapminder want's to make the data more accessible and easier to use for instant analysis. There is no political agenda behind the work. The idea is that all people, independently of their political agenda, can use of this tools to easily improve their understanding about the complex society. Hans Rosling made a very interesting presentation about the issue at TED (Feb 2006).
23 Nov 2006
Funny Digg videos
Digg is all about user powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community.
28 Nov 2006
Movies Trailers for the Masses
9 Aug 2006
Earth/Japan Japan Probe
Blog-based reservoir of information on the more interesting aspects of Japan.
9 Aug 2006

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